Cervelli Pirates catcher

Watch the throw down to second. The runner steals the base, but Cervelli is still one of the best out there. Look for the following: 1- Catch the ball first. Stay low, catch the ball. 2- Turn the glove inward AS you get to the strong throwing position. Do not reach in to get the ball. 3- Footwork gets the body in a strong throwing position. 4- Let the dog eat!

Catchers anticipate and beat the ball to the spot!

Watch how the catcher anticipates location and beats the ball to the spot with his hand. He rolls the thumb under and "sticks" it right where he catches the ball.

"Right foot replace the left" This video has numerous clips of mlb catchers footwork throwing down to second base. It's all about getting to an athletic and strong throwing position as quickly as possible. Footwork and glove transfer are the two best ways to improve your pop time to second! You don't need to actually throw to do this. Watch the video, and come from a crouch to a strong throwing position- right foot replacing the left squares the body up and quickly gets to the strong position we want.