Ted Williams The Science of HItting

Here is a link to the ebook of Ted Williams book "The Science of Hitting" Spend some time with it.

Inside and outside pitch- Do I Stride differently?

NO! Watch Carlos Correa hit a bomb to right field on the outside pitch. Also watch Carols Correa hit a bomb to left on the inside pitch. His stride foot lands in the same spot. The difference in hitting inside and outside pitches is the timing of the barrel. Do not step towards the plate on the outside pitch. Do not step in the bucket on the inside pitch.

Gif video images of the best hitters

Enjoy. Browse through a vast library of videos of swings from the greats. See what the best do when at the plate and emulate.

More video of the best hitters in the world and what they do

videos of the best hitters in the world.

Stride Article with a good video analysis

Key elements of the stride: -gaining control of the body in the rear leg -forcefully driving the body with the rear leg -adjusting hip tilt for pitch location -stretching the upper body -positioning the front side for swing trigger RIDE THE BACK LEG AS YOU SEE THE PITCH. It sets up the rest of your swing.

Hitting misconceptions and truths

Series of video links that explore some common teaching phrases/cues and what they really mean.

Approach at the plate

When working on hitting, make sure you spend at least equal amount of time developing your mental approach to every single at-bat. This article by Matt Lisle is one idea of how to develop a good attitude at the dish.

Knock, knock... or not?

Should hitters line up their knocking knuckles? The answer may surprise you. What hitters say they do and actually do in the batter's box is very different. Ultimately, it is the hitter's comfort and strong connection with the bat that matters the most. Look at the pictures, read the proponents of both knocking knuckles and box grip and form an educated opinion.