ROYBA is affiliated with MYAS/ Gopher State thus will follow the bat standards outlined by this governing organization.

USA Bats Standard Clarification

MYAS/Gopher State Baseball League officially communicated there is no change to their bat standard for 2018. They are not changing to the new USA bat standard for 2018.

The Metro Baseball League & Minnesota Baseball Tournaments (MBT) announced a hard stance that any MBT qualifier tournament must adopt the new USA bat standards. 

Impacts on our 2018 ROYBA Youth Baseball Travel Players:

  • You may use the same bat as last year for all our regular season games, because the games are sanctioned by MYAS.
  • You may use the same bat as last year for any tournament that is a Gopher State Tournament of Champions (GSTC) or Minnesota Sports Federation (MSF) qualifier. 
  • You must use a bat that meets the new USA Bat standard for any tournaments that are a both a Gopher State and MBT qualifier.

How to Buy a Baseball Bat

Please follow the link below if you need assistance purchasing a baseball bat.