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Registration Deadlines

League Deadline Date
House: Minors March 31st, 2021
House: Majors February 28th, 2021
House: 4th - 9th Grade February 28th, 2021
House: 10th -12th Grade April 30th, 2021
Travel Teams February 28th, 2021

Travel Playing Up Rule

NOTE: USSSA Baseball uses a May 1st cutoff birth date to determine eligibility for travel teams. This means whatever age a player is on April 30th of the current year will be their playing age for the current baseball season.

Playing Up Rules

  1. For the age 9 & under travel team, anyone age 9 or younger as of April 30th can try out for the team.  Players whose playing age is 7 or younger must be ranked in the top 5 in evaluations to make and play on 9U team.
  2. Players age 9, 10, 11 & 12 are not allowed to play above their age/grade.
  3. Players age 13 or 14 wishing to play above their age/grade need to submit a written petition to the Travel Director,

Exception to Rule #2 & #3

If any player has a May through August birthday (5/1 - 8/31) and was not held back a grade in school, they will be allowed to try out for the one level up age group in order to play with their natural grade.  They can also try out for their current age travel team as well.  They should attend BOTH travel evaluation sessions for their grade and their age.  For example, if a player was born on 8/27/2006 and started school when they turned age 5:

  • Their legal travel baseball age for the current season is age 12
  • They are in the 7th grade (with most 7th graders being age 13)
  • Thus, they can try out for one or both the 12U travel team (their current age) and the 13U travel team (since that is where their classmates are playing)
  • They should attend the 13U AND 12U evaluation sessions.
  • Need to send team selection preference to Rogers-Otsego Youth Baseball Travel Director.  For example : 13AAA, 12AAA, 13AA, 12AA, 13A and finally 12A
  • Any questions?  Please contact the Rogers-Otsego Youth Baseball Travel Director

NOTE: If trying out for 2 travel ages, the player should attend both sessions of each age group's travel tryouts.  Please note that your child is trying out for 2 different travel ages in the "Comments" section of the registration form so that we are prepared at the tryouts.

Late Fees and Refund Policy

There is a $25.00 late fee that will be automatically added to registrations that come in after the deadline dates.

To learn more about refunds, go to the Fees & Refund Policy page located on the Fees tab of House Information Center or Travel Information Center.