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South Community Park

City of Rogers - Vision for South Community Park (SCP)

As a part of the City of Rogers comprehensive plan, there is a proposal to add another athletic complex (South Community Park) to keep up with the projected growth of the city.  It would be a multi use complex (i.e. ball fields, soccer/ lacrosse fields, outdoor hockey rinks, etc.) and located adjacent to Rogers Elementary School.

Why is this project important to ROYBA

Facilities have long been our #1 negative feedback on annual surveys.  A complex like SCP would be a "game changer" in retaining and attracting kids to the sport of baseball.  Just ask any current and/or former player who has played on a REAL baseball field vs. all dirt fields.     

Ball field Highlights (not final)

  • 4 ball fields to be used by Kindergarten to 12-13 yr. old players.
  • Some, or all fields, would have grass infields and real mounds with age appropriate fence distances (220 ft. or less).
  • Concession stand & maintenance building.
  • Currently No lights but could be added later.  

key project milestones

Currently, there is no timeline or funding for this project although ROYBA is in active dialogue with the City of Rogers related to this potential project.  Below are some key milestones:

  • MN Legislature vote - Jan.-May 2019
  • City approval  - Soon after passing MN Legislature 
  • Final design - 2nd half 2020
  • Project timeline - Potential Spring 2020  
  • Purchase property - completed in 2015
  • Concept design - completed April 2018
  • Park Board Open House(s) - completed April 2018
  • Sales Tax Referendum Open House  - completed June 27th 2018
  • November Ballot deadline -  completed July 24, 2018
  • November General Election - completed November 6th 2018

What can I do to make this a reality?

We hope to be broadcasting more and more about this very important project.  Not only project updates but things you can do to get involved.   For now, we have posted a Poll and Comments section at the bottom of this page to begin gathering information from YOU so you can be heard.


This information will be summarized and used to influence the City of Rogers administration, the Park Board and the City Council.     

Potential funding information and key dates:


Park and Trail Facilities Funding, Potential Sales Tax Referendum

  • Potential Sales Tax Referendum Open House  - June 27th 2018
  • November Ballot deadline - July 24, 2018
  • November General Election - November 6th 2018

South Community Park - Preliminary Concept Plan

Updated as of April 2018

earth view of proposed park

South Community Park Preliminary Concept (adjacent to Rogers Elementary School)

City of Rogers - Comprehensive Plan update

The City of Rogers has updated their comprehensive plan by asking residents to help set the future vision for our community! 

Background and Community Survey

As an active and growing community, the Rogers City Council, Park Board and City staff routinely hear from individuals and associations regarding their desire for expanded/new parks, trails and recreational facilities. In order to determine community opinions beyond those of vocal minorities/interest groups, the City undertook a statistically-valid, random-sample survey of residents (the “community survey”) in order to better gauge the true level of desire, willingness to pay and the specific types of facilities most and least desired by our residents. The results of that survey generally found that:

  • No property tax increase for these purposes would find sufficient support at the polls, with 55% opposed.
  • Sixty percent of likely voters would support a ¼ cent increase in the local sales tax for up to twenty years to fund construction.
  • An indoor pool/aquatics facilities, community center and trail connections lead the list of projects for which respondents were most willing to raise taxes (i.e., higher or new taxes).

Projects Under Consideration

Based on the results of the community survey, and the City’s Park and Trail Master Plan, the Rogers Park Board has recommended a collection of improvements/facilities to the City Council for funding consideration, per the chart below:


Cost Est.




I-94 Pedestrian Crossing


Ped bridge spanning from Industrial Blvd to Lynch Park (pending State Bonding Bill or other funding)

CR144 Crossing


Tunnel/crossing from Rogers High School to Middle School

Trails/Trail Connectivity


Territorial View connection, Henry’s Woods Trailhead, Sunnyside Estates, Hassan Hills Neighborhood Trail, Fox Creek Trail connection to I-94 Ped Crossing, Edgewater Looping Trail

City Enhancements to School Pool


Shallow water and aquatic play elements (pending School District funding)

Splash Pad


Spray features, pumps and remodeled restroom facilities at Triangle Park

South Community Park


Ballfields, outdoor ice rinks, multi-purpose field/greenspace

Community Center – Phase 1


Pre-building site improvements to create pad-ready site/parking lot

Multi-Purpose Dome/Turf Facility


Indoor soccer and multi-purpose turf area





The City Council then reviewed the Park Board’s list in light of the potential need to bond/borrow for such projects depending upon the desired timing of construction, and the need for additional revenue to retire any such debt (or an increase in current capital funding if a pay-as-you-go option were selected).
Based on the broad nature of the projects above and the need for additional partnerships for certain projects (e.g., School District or State of Minnesota funding), any proposed referendum/ballot question would likely be written to request authorization for the the tax to fund all or a portion of those projects – in other words, “up to” the entire list of projects, but possibly not all projects, pending availability of other funding sources, reasonable bid costs, etc.

Next Steps

Given the community survey results - which indicate that residents are not amenable to a property tax increase, but are potentially open to the concept of a sales tax increase under certain circumstances - the City Council has decided to further investigate the concept of posing the question of a sales tax to the voters via referendum at the November 6, 2018, general election. The City will be providing additional information in the coming weeks and months and will solicit feedback from residents and business representatives prior to deciding whether to ultimately place the issue on the 2018 ballot (the deadline to adopt a resolution placing the referendum question on the November ballot is July 24, 2018). But it should be noted that the City Council, as a body, and City staff will not be advocating for or against passage of any ballot question, but will simply provide information so that voters can make an informed choice.