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American League 2021

NEW for 2021:
Majors baseball will now be split into two different levels.

National League (2nd-3rd grade) will focus on development and teaching skills.  This league is geared for a modified kid pitch/coach pitch level of play.

American League (3rd-4th grade) will focus on development and teaching skills but is designed for those players who are more advanced/competitive in their abilities to throw/hit/catch.  This league is geared for a more competitive level of play.  All fourth grade players will be placed in the American League.  

Players in 2nd-4th grade will be evaluated at The Furniture and Things Event Center located at 1000 School St NW Elk River, MN 55330 (the former Elk River Ice Arena) the weekend of March 6th and 7th . If your player does not go through evaluations, then he/she will NOT have the option to play in the American League (competitive kid pitch level); he/she will be automatically placed in the National league.

League Commissioner

Rob O'Brien

Majors League Commissioner


Please register your child based on their "current grade" as of April 30th of the current year.

When registering, please know that this is for the grade you are in right now.  Also please enter any conflicts or notes upon registration. Please know that we don't do "friend requests"  as we do a coaches' draft to form teams.

General League Information (to be updated for 2021)

Regular Season Pitching Rules

Daily Max # Pitches                                                                         Required Rest

Before June 1 40 max 0 1 2 3 4
After June 1 60 max 1 - 20 21 - 35 36 - 50 51 - 65 66 +


In addition to pitch counts, no pitcher shall throw more than two (2) innings per game.

In the case of days with multiple games in a day, no pitcher shall throw more than 60 pitches per day followed by mandatory rest period outlined in the chart.

Game schedule

Note: The final game schedule will be dictated by how many teams the league has after registration. Teams will play between 8 and 10 league games with a year end tournament depending upon how many teams there are. 


Playoffs are set to begin in this format potentially Saturday June and games may be played on different days of the week. The championship/third place/consolation date will be at Otsego's Prairie Park. 




Interested in being an umpiring, or improve your skills?

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Phone:  612.720.1822