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Travel League - General Information

2020 Travel Teams ages 9U - 15U

ROYBA offers competitive travel league options from 9U - 15U thru the MYAS youth organization via the Gopher State League.   There are 3 levels of play AAA (= highest), AA and A. 

In most cases, ROYBA will field one team at each level per age group. with the exception of 9U (one team only).  Factors that can influence the number of teams could be: registration numbers,  skill level across age level,  # of teams across MYAS, etc.)

MYAS Baseball

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For Travel league questions, please contact:

Brandon Anderson

Travel Director

Travel Leagues At-A-Glance

  • Age Requirements for Travel Leagues:  USSSA Baseball uses a May 1st cutoff birth date.  This means that whatever age a player is on April 30th of the current year will be their age for the current season.  Please see the Playing Up Rules tab for information regarding travel players who wish to play up an age level.
  • Bat Rules : Please see the BAT Rules tab on this page for more information about the current league bat rules for this season.
  • Travel League Info :  See the MYAS Gopher State travel league info here for all ROYBA travel teams (rules, game schedules, tournaments, etc.)
  • Helmets: All Travel players are required to furnish their own helmet.   Travel coaches will have information for parents on the best type of helmet to buy and places where they can be purchased.  Helmets purchased in prior years  that still fit can be used again this year.
  • Uniform: All Travel players must purchase their own jersey, pant and belt. The uniform package consists of 2 jerseys, 2 pants, 2 socks, belt and hat.
  • Metal Spikes : For 13 yr old & up travel teams, you are allowed to wear metal spikes.   For 9 - 12 yr old teams, metal spikes are NOT allowed.
  • Extra Costs : Teams will play a regular season schedule in the Gopher State Baseball League.  Teams are required to participate in a minimum of 3 tournaments with the possibility of playing in up to 3  State & National Tournaments.  Players making travel teams should expect to incur additional expenses (~$250-$300)  for tournament fees, team apparel, USSSA dues, etc.
  • # of Teams: The Travel Director and Association President will determine how many teams are formed and whether they play in an "AAA", "AA" or "A" league.  The decision is based upon number of players trying out, player skill level and availability of coaches.
  • Team Requests: Team requests cannot be honored for Travel teams. It is our goal to place every player on the correct team. The only requests considered will be to limit a players level, but these requests need to be discussed with the Travel Director and/or a committee of Board members. No requests will be guaranteed to be honored.
  • High School, Legion, VFW and 15U teams
    • High School currently fields 9th grade,  JV and Varsity teams. Tryouts held end of March. Season runs from late March to Mid may. 
    • Legion team is 19U team for players looking to play baseball after the high school season and is selected and organized by the high school coach.  The team is usually made up of 11 and 12th graders. 
    • VFW is 16U team for players looking to play baseball after the high school season and is selected and organized by the high school coach.  The team is usually made up of 10th graders. 
    • 15U travel teams for those 9th and 10th graders who are 15 yrs old looking to play baseball after the high school season.  Season goes from mid May to mid July.  
      • Must attend 15U tryout held in March.
      • We will field a 15AAA team and maybe AA and/or A depending on number of players interested and their skill level.  
      • There may be some over lap with 9th grade High School team but coach schedules games so they do not conflict with high school games.
      • Cannot play on VFW AND 15U team at the same time.
    • 8-9th grade house for who do NOT make one of the 15U travel and/or 9th grade high school team
    • 10-12th grade house for players not interested or selected to play on Legion or VFW teams.