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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can you compare/contrast a house team versus a travel team as far as the season/games are concerned?

 A: The chart below gives some examples of a house team and a travel team at similar ages and how a typical season is set up.



16 game regular season played on weeknights.  Games can be near or far, but most will be in the NW suburbs. Some teams will have to travel to Willmar or St Cloud on occasion.

 K-4th Grade: 11 game regular season played on weeknights  (K-1st on Mondays, 2nd-4th on Wednesdays) and during an early June Weekend Jamboree


5th-12th Grade : 14 - 16 game regular season played on weeknights


5th -6th grade play games on Tues/Thursday.


7th-12th grade play games on Mon-Tues-Wed-Thurs.                                                 


End of season playoffs in early July / Potential to qualify for up to 3 State Tournaments in mid July.

 2nd - 12th grade: End of season playoffs in mid to late July / Potential to play in the Gopher State REC state championships the 1st weekend of August (4th - 9th grade only)

Typically 3 or 4 weekend tournaments in May and June. Most tournaments will be within driving distance, but some tournaments may be further.

K-4th Grade: One weekend Jamboree in early June (games on Sat/Sunday)

5th-12th grade:  No weekend tournaments (may play weekend playoff games at end of season)

Most teams play Mississippi 8 conference teams in the Northwest suburban area

Minors/Majors : Rogers & Otsego teams

5th-6th Gr : Rogers/Otsego, Elk River and Zimmerman

7th, 8th-9th : Rogers/Otsego, Elk River, Zimmerman,  Anoka-Ramsey

10-12th : Primarily North & West suburbs

2 - 3 hrs of practice per week (depending on field availability)

1.5 hrs of practice per week

Playing time is not equal

Equal playing time promoted 

Competitive play - play to win while still developing fundamental skills

 Emphasis is on fundamentals

Players will have to purchase a uniform.

 Players will receive: a 2-button jersey, pants,  hat, belt, and socks.

Approximately $250-300 in additional fees to cover team gear, tournament gate fees, etc.

No additional fees

A $150 Volunteer deposit check is required at registration time.  This check will be shredded after each family serves at a minimum of one shift at a DIBs time slot.   Volunteer opportunities will be posted on the website under Dibs

A $150 Volunteer deposit check is required at registration time.  This check will be shredded after each family serves at a minimum of one shift at a DIBs time slot.   Volunteer opportunities will be posted on the website under Dibs


Q:  If my child tries out for a travel team and does not make it, will they automatically be placed on a house team?
A:  Yes, any players not making travel teams will automatically be placed in a house league based on their current grade.  The registration fee already paid will be applied to that house league fee.

Q:  Can I request that my child play on the same team as another child that they know?

A:  Yes, for the Minors league (K-1st grade) only.  Write your request in the Special Requests field of the registration form.  We do not honor special requests for any other leagues (2nd grade and up) as players all go through an evaluation and draft process in those leagues.
Q:  Is this baseball association for boys AND girls?
A:  The Rogers Otsego Youth Baseball Association is for boys and girls.  However, there is also a girls softball league administered by Rogers Otsego Softball Association (ROSA).  For more information and to register, go to  
Q:  Do you have T-ball leagues?
A:  No, we do not have T-ball leagues.  For information about T-ball registration, please see
Q:  When are practices and games?
A:  The practices are set up by individual coaches and you will be notified by your coach of your practice time in late April after all teams are formed.  Game nights for the Minors league are on Mondays.  Game nights for the Majors league are on Wednesdays.  All other leagues have flexible game night scheduling and there are no specific set days of the week.  In most cases, you will play 2 games a week for the 5th grade and up house leagues and all travel leagues.  Travel leagues also participate in 3 or 4 weekend tournaments during the season.   Final game schedules will not be available until late April/early May.

Q:  Can my Pre-K child play in the Minors League?

 A:  Pre-K children will not be allowed to play in the Minors League. We would recommend the T-Ball option listed above.


ROYBA offers competitive travel league options from 9U - 15U thru the MYAS youth organization via the Gopher State League.   There are 3 levels of play AAA (= highest), AA and A. 

In most cases, ROYBA will field one team at each level per age group. with the exception of 9U (one team only).  Factors that can influence the number of teams could be: registration numbers,  skill level across age level,  # of teams across MYAS, etc.)

MYAS Baseball

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For Travel league questions, please contact:

Brandon Anderson

Travel Director