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The ROYBA Board is currently seeking replacements for some of our more tenured Board of Directors whose children are moving on to the high school program.  There are many opportunities to influence, contribute and collaborate to make a difference throughout our communities. 


We welcome all individuals who are up for making positive impacts, in a low stress, fun environment with a very reasonable amount of commitment from it's members.  

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Become a Rogers - Otsego Youth Baseball Assocation (ROYBA) Board Member


What does the ROYBA Board do?

The ROYBA board is the decision making arm of our youth baseball program for the Rogers, Otsego, Hassan, Dayton and St. Michael communities. It is through the board that programs are designed, planned for and operated. The board determines the costs necessary to run each of these programs and sets applicable fees to cover the costs. Without a board there would be no association.

What does a Board Member do?

ROYBA monthly board meetings occur on the 2nd Sunday evening of each month at 6:30pm located at Daytona Golf Club.  Depending on position/ duties, there may be one-off subcommittee meetings and/ or offline activities throughout the year.  

Monthly meeting agendas consists of the following topics:  ongoing operating/ maintenance of programs, facility projects/ enhancements, special event coordination and other areas of focus for continuous improvements. 

Participation by board members during these meetings helps to find the best solutions for our organizations. Besides meetings, each board member will be assigned a task or area. You can find this season’s assignments on the Board Member page. These assignments are held by the board member for the year. After the election of new members, new assignments can be considered.  

How long is the term?

Each board member is elected to a 1 or 2 year term. Each year their is an opportunity to elect new members, which allows us to overlap the terms and ensure that the board remains strong from year to year.  This helps in continuity and transition of assignments to new members.

Who should volunteer to serve?

We are always looking for members who have an interest in contributing to our communities, have organizational skills that can be leveraged in the operation of the programs, have a passion for continued improvement of a youth program that strives to be one of the top youth programs in our area.  You don't have to be a baseball expert to be on the board, just a genuine interest in seeing our youth play for the love of the game.  

How do I apply to become a board member?

Simply complete the board application.  The application link can be found at the top of this page. Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted for a brief interview.