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ROYBA 2020 Season cancelled

By ROYBA Board 05/27/2020, 3:45pm CDT

May 27 update, Sad Day for baseball in Rogers


With a heavy heart, Rogers-Otsego Youth Baseball has determined we can not support a youth baseball season in 2020.

Minnesota government has been unable to provide actionable information or guidance to youth sports organizations as to when game play will be able to resume. Candidly speaking, the decisions leading up to this point make it difficult to imagine resuming competitive play anytime soon. Waiting longer to make this decision would drive up the costs to our families with no guarantee of anything happening within a reasonable timeframe. 

Regarding fees, Rogers-Otsego Youth Baseball was able to work with vendors to reduce expenses, costs and fees. We will issue full refunds minus a processing fee of $1 + 3% of the total amount charged. The process will take two to four weeks once submitted to Sports Engine. Dibs checks have not been cashed and will be torn up.

This decision was difficult, and was made only after implementing multiple plans and contingencies and watching them repeatedly disintegrate before our eyes. If you love baseball as much as we love baseball, then it is difficult to imagine a summer without the diamond. 

Our next step is to look at how we can have some kind of baseball this summer. As Minnesota reopens, we may be able to get kids on the diamond in some capacity, whether that is clinics, sandlot, or home run derby.

A huge thank you goes to the Rogers-Otsego board members. As the COVID-19 shutdown escalated, they put in hours and hours of work adjusting to the ever-changing landscape. Much like the game of baseball itself, not all great efforts result in success. It was a valiant effort, and we will continue to work in good faith to provide baseball for our community in the future. 


Yours in Baseball,

Rogers-Otsego Executive Board


2020 Season Update (as of May 18th)

By ROYBA Communication 05/18/2020, 8:15pm CDT

The lastest update and tentative timeline

2020 ROYBA Online Store

By ROYBA Communications 05/18/2020, 7:30pm CDT

We are OPEN... order by May 29th 2020

You can still get your 2020 Apparel order in.   All Orders will be ready at the time of uniform distribution (uniforms and online apparel orders will be handed out to your coach for distribution).


Visit our online store today.

City of Otsego Master Plan Survey

By ROYBA Communications 05/31/2019, 4:15pm CDT

Voice your opinion for new & improved fields


By ROYBA Communications 05/02/2019, 2:30pm CDT

Updated as of May 28th, 2019

Rogers -OtsegoYouth Baseball update

We are crushed to announce today the cancellation of the regular baseball season.


    Whether for social isolation or just training in general. Feel free to browse this section for ideas. Long toss, pitching drills, infield, outfield, hitting. Keep working.

    2020 Uniform Fitting Information *NEW

    Given the current situation regarding school and facility closings, ROYBA has been forced to improvise how we go about getting uniform sizes from our registrants- both Travel and House Leagues.  As you are aware, all scheduled uniform fittings have been cancelled.  In order to ensure we have all sizing information, we are asking that you provide this information to us via email.


    Attached you will find a spreadsheet WITH INSTRUCTIONS (Excel Version and PDF Version) for you to use to fill out your child’s sizing information. 


    We are asking that you complete this form, save and EMAIL back to us by NO LATER THAN Sunday, 3/29/20.  If you are unable to save and send, we will accept a CLEAR PHOTOGRAPH attachment of the completed form.  If you have to print the document out and write-in sizes, PLEASE WRITE CLEARLY.


    For TRAVEL PANTS, each participant will receive (2) pairs of pants.  You can choose either ordering (2) pairs of the same style (i.e. (2) pairs of Long Pants), or you can choose to have (1) pair of Knickers and (1) pair of Long Pants.  Please note that waist sizes are the same (by size), however, the knickers do tend to be “baggier” than the long pants.


    Email forms to Jason Ritter

    ROYBA is a 501(C)(3) Charity

    Donations to ROYBA will help fund field improvements, equipment replacement and upgrades, uniforms, player development programs and general baseball operations. Your donation may qualify for matching contribution from your employer.


    Please consult with your company's HR department for it's policies